Client Statistics

Legal Services in 2012

We helped 1,512 people with 2,508 legal issues. Many clients seek assistance with multiple services. For the PDF file with graphics, click here.

Legal Services in 2011

We helped 1,930 people with 2,964 legal matters. Many clients sought assistance with multiple issues. Public and private benefits was our largest area of service (35%), followed by housing (22%) and financial matters (15%). For the PDF file with graphics, click here.

Legal Services in 2010

We helped 1,577 people with 2,131 legal matters. 94 percent of requests came from people with HIV/AIDS while another 6 percent came from case managers and other AIDS service professionals, attorneys, healthcare workers, students, employers and others. 73 percent of all clients lived in Philadelphia County. Many clients were seeking assistance with multiple issues.

Chart of services requested by type

Chart of clientele by Race and Ethnicity

Chart of clientele by age

Chart of our annual workload